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Hi, I’m Johnna

I’m a personal organizing, decluttering and productivity consultant for busy, introverted, women entrepreneurs. I can help you set up systems that fit your day-to-day life, teach you how to maintain an organized home and workspace. I also teach the importance of self care because a clear, unfettered mind makes it easier to take on the challenges of daily organization and business demands. 

I provide resources for tackling clutter and increasing your productivity that removes the overwhelm so that you can live a more clutter-free, productive and energy-balanced life once and for all while understanding that making time to recharge your social batteries is not selfish, but necessary for a happy, successful life.

Here’s How I Can Help

I know the anxiety clutter can bring and how it can drain your energy. Being a busy, introverted woman myself, is what sets me apart from other decluttering gurus because I know that decluttering isn't just about tidying up for you - it's about creating a space that rejuvenates and restores you. Plus, you can be more productive without draining your energy and I have a special talent for making that easy. My unique approach marries organizational strategies with elements of mindfulness and self-care that honor your introverted superpowers.



Yearning for a supportive community of like-minded women? My exclusive, Facebook group, The Decluttered Introvert, is a welcoming haven where you can share experiences, gain insights, and celebrate milestones with fellow introverted women on similar journeys.



To dive deeper into your decluttering journey, consider enrolling in one of my comprehensive, self-paced online courses that will be dripped out over the coming months. These courses will walk you through my four-step method in detail, teaching you how to create a serene, organized environment that boosts creativity, improves productivity, and recharges your social batteries. You will also get access to the accompanying private podcast to listen and learn on the go!


How I'm Different

My method stands apart from traditional decluttering gurus, as I offer a tailored, compassionate approach designed specifically for introverted women. My proprietary four-step method - Clear the Space, Clean the Space, Curate + Care for the Space - is at the heart of everything I teach and provide. It is designed to help you cultivate productivity, enhance creativity, and improve overall mood and wellbeing.

The focus is long-term maintenance, integrating self-care, and aligning with your energy levels. And I do it all with a simple, yet powerful approach that's made for you - Clear, Clean, Curate + Care. So let's transform your space, boost your productivity without draining your energy and reclaim your peace of mind together.


Simple Ways to Stay Organized!

10 Unique + Unusual Ways to Organize Your Workspace

Tired of A Cluttered Desk? It's Time for a Fresh Take on Organizing Your Workspace!
Conventional organizing tips are great, but sometimes you need something that aligns perfectly with your unique energy and needs. That's where these unique and unexpected solutions come in!


16 Game-changing Tools to Unlock Your Productivity Superpowers

Take meal planning from 'meh' to Marvelous!

What's Inside the Game-Changing Tools:

  • Apps like Evernote and Forest: Keep yourself organized and focused.
  • Books like "Quiet" by Susan Cain: Celebrate your introverted strengths.
  • Websites like Havenly: Personalize your space the way you want it.

And more...



β€œA home that is filled with only the things you love and use will be a home that you love to use.”


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Unleash Your Productivity Toolkit

🌼 Discover how to balance a fulfilling work-life, designed with your unique personality traits and energy levels in mind.

πŸ”₯ What’s Packed Inside This Transformative Guide?

  • Achieve Laser Focus
  • Master Stress Management
  • Nurture Personal Growth
  • Cultivate Work-Life Balance
  • Boost Your Earning Potential
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Vision & Goals Planner Spreadsheet

Bring clarity and momentum to your personal and professional life.

The Vision and Goals Planner Spreadsheet ensures you have a robust, centralized system to manage your life's work and passions.

Whether you're planning big projects, cultivating new habits, or simply trying to keep your daily life on track, this tool is tailored to help you start strong and stay on course.

Daily Flow Planner

Google Sheet

This powerful Google Sheet helps you seamlessly integrate your work and life into manageable daily routines.

It includes:

πŸ“… At-a-Glance Dashboard

πŸ—“οΈ Monthly Planner

πŸŒ„ Routines and Habits Tracker

🎯 Goal Setting

🧹 Cleaning Checklist

βœ… To-Do List with Sub-Tasks

🍽️ Meal Planner and Grocery List

πŸ’° Budget Planner and Transactions Tracker

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